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Otis Receives $500,000 Donation From Pink Car Raffle

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

A national raffle conducted by the Australian Horizons Foundation (with the support of Eye Candy Motorsports & Flash Market) between 3 December - 21 January was a huge success, with The Otis Foundation being named as the main beneficiary. 

The raffle included three fully-customised vehicles, all wrapped in bright pink. The first prize was a VF GTS-R Maloo, second was a 2016 Range Rover Sport, and third prize was a 2008 Custom BMW M3. 

Thousands of tickets were sold over the 7 week period, resulting in an incredible donation to The Otis Foundation to the value of $500,000. 

Here's what Otis Chair Manny Cao had to say following the presentation of the cheque:

"On behalf of the Board Directors of the Otis Foundation, I remain extremely humbled and grateful for the act of kindness that Australian Horizons Foundation together with their partners, Eye Candy Motorsports and Flash Market has bestowed on us today. In fact, speechless is perhaps a better word. The donation of half a million dollars by Australian Horizons Foundation will allow the Otis Foundation to continue to work with our current and new partners, donors, property owners, supporters and volunteers to move towards providing 20% more gifted retreats to those facing breast cancer each year for the next 3 years. This donation comes to us in a timely manner, as it has been a difficult year in light of the pandemic. In particular, as a charitable organisation, we have been challenged by reduced fund raising events along with the economic consequences of the pandemic. Importantly, we have also not been able to deliver our services to those most in need as a result of public health policies. We can only imagine what this extra burden has had on those with breast cancer whom the Otis Foundation exists to serve. With public health restrictions now gradually easing and together with this generous donation and those that we have received and continue to receive, the Otis Foundation remains in a stronger position than ever to continue on with our mission. I would like to thank Australian Horizon Foundation, Eye Candy Motorsports and Flash Market for their generous efforts and also our Otis Foundation operational staff for establishing the valuable relationship with such amazing organisations".

Manny Cao
The Otis Foundation

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