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raised of $7,000 goal
So, we've gone from Hola Amigos to 'G'day Mates', but that's a pandemic for you. Who could have guessed when we signed up for the El Camino Trek that Covid-19 would be a thing, and there would be no overseas travel for quite some time.
This brings us to our next important point, fundraising for the Otis Foundation is more vital than ever. With the world being so topsy turvy at the moment, everybody is sequestered away, and rightly so. But the Otis Foundation desperately needs our help to raise funds. Read on to find out how you can help.
Seven years ago we heard a promotion from The OTIS Foundation asking for people to donate land to build their newest breast cancer retreat. Whilst we haven't been personally affected by breast cancer, we knew this was something we wanted to be involved with. We have now proudly donated land on our property at Redesdale, where Kez's Hideaway breast cancer retreat has been built.
In doing so and then five years later joining OTIS' first international fundraising trek to Tuscany - we joined the OTIS family!!
We have got to know the OTIS team and understand the importance of the gift they provide - offering retreat accommodation at no cost to people dealing with the challenges of breast cancer. When they announced their next fundraising trip to El Camino in Spain and we found out that many of our friends from the Tuscan Adventure were joining - we had to be involved. We were obviously devestated that we can't travel overseas but we have decided to do the Cape to Cape Trek in Western Australia in 2021.
Although Andrew still jokes that the "farm will probably fall over while he is away" we are both looking forward to this trip, trekking in WA instead of Spain will be an incredible experience.
We aim to raise $7,000 for The OTIS Foundation as part of the trip and any contribution you can make to help us reach this goal would be much appreciated.
Every dollar you donate will go directly to OTIS.

Thank for your support.
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