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Gifting retreat accommodation to those
experiencing breast cancer

It was so relaxing and therapeutic. It gave me that chance to recharge the batteries so I could get back and start fighting again.

The Otis Foundation is a charity dedicated to providing a national network of retreat accommodation properties at no cost to anyone who has faced the challenges of breast cancer.

The hundreds of guests who take advantage of The Otis Foundation each year consider the organisation an amazing gift at a time when they need it the most. Providing them with an opportunity to take a break away with loved ones – an opportunity to relax, reconnect and create special memories together.

It is our aim that this time away will help to reduce the psychological impacts of breast cancer on everyone who enjoys a stay at one of our properties.

Due to recent travel restrictions, Otis will be postponing guest stays over the next few months, click here for more information.

Bookings and eligibility