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Monday, March 23, 2020

Our world is shifting !

New restrictions on the way we play, travel, socialise and work have been introduced with the emphasis to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

Guidelines are changing almost daily, now.

In response to these rapid and essential changes, the OTIS Foundation has made the heart wrenching decision to postpone guest stays over the next few months. 

This critically important and difficult decision has been made to ensure the absolute safety and well-being of our guests, they are respected and treasured vulnerable members of the community and travel is most certainly not an option for them at this time.

One of the members of our dedicated OTIS team will be in contact with each and every one of our guests personally in the coming days. This will be to explore options for rescheduling a stay with us to a time when it will be safe to travel. OTIS remains totally committed to providing that much needed temporary escape from the psychological and emotional challenges that accompanies an individual breast cancer journey.

This crisis will eventually pass, but it is crucial in the meantime to support one another in the face of great uncertainty.

We so very much appreciate your understanding during these unprecedented problematic times for communities all across Australia.

Importantly, we want you to know this is always with one eye on the future, beyond these changing circumstances.

Looking forward to discovering our new normal with you all.

Yours in Kindness and Care 

Claire Culley 


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